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friesen tree services tree removal

Tree Removal

As much as we love them, trees can become hazards when they begin to die and decay or become inconvenient to keep because of their location in relation to new construction, existing structures, or other trees. We can help you decide if a removal is necessary based on the circumstances and condition of the tree, or if another one of our services can help to mitigate the risks the tree may be posing. We have the equipment to complete the job safely and efficiently and can use ground protection mats to protect your lawn.

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friesen tree services pruning trimming

Pruning / Trimming

Whether you have a small tree a few years old or a mighty veteran of a century, we can help you shape and trim your tree for beauty, health, form, and to remove hazards. Some other reasons to trim your tree include: the removal of dead branches (deadwooding), removal of branches that interfere with structures, juvenile pruning of young trees to train them for a stronger form and to avoid more costly trimming or tree failure later in its life, elevation or reduction of a tree’s canopy, and overall tree shape. We can help you decide if your tree could benefit from one of these trimming strategies.

friesen tree services stump grinding

Stump Grinding

Our specialized equipment will fit through a standard 36” garden gate and our tracked self-propelled unit causes minimal lawn disturbance. Stump grinding is a great way to finish one of our jobs or help you remove existing stumps you may already have in your yard.

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friesen tree services storm cleanup

Emergency / Storm Cleanup & Tree Care

Storm damaged trees whether they have fallen on a building or another tree can be very dangerous to move or trim because of branches under tension. If your property has been damaged by a failing tree whether in high winds or an ice-storm, we can safely remove and clean up the debris while reducing further risk and damage to you and your property.

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friesen tree services cabling bracing

Cabling & Bracing

friesen tree services cabling and bracing

Depending on a trees location, condition, form, sometimes additional support can be installed in the tree to extend its life and delay removal. Cabling and bracing can help reduce the risk of branch or stem failure/breakage and give you time to enjoy your tree longer. We can help you decide if your tree could benefit from one of these tree saving systems.

friesen tree services arborist reports

Arborist Reports

St Thomas’ Tree Preservation By-Law requires a permit to remove any private tree with a diameter of over 30 cm at a height of 1.3 m/ 4.3 ft above ground level. To obtain a permit, residents must first provide an arborist report outlining the condition of the tree which the City will use to determine whether or not the tree is eligible for removal. Our knowledgeable staff can provide the services of completing and submitting an arborist report on your behalf and educating you on the by-law.

friesen tree services ground protection

Ground / Lawn Protection

friesen tree services lawn protection

One option we make available to our clients is the use of ground protection mats to prevent damage to your lawn. These heavy-duty plastic mats eliminate the rutting sometimes caused by heavy equipment. Ground protection mats can make a temporary roadway right to the work area across wet or soft areas, leaving it essentially undisturbed at the end of the day. Ask us about this option during your free job quotation.

friesen tree services friesen treen services friesen tree services friesen tree services friesen tree services friesen treen services friesen tree services friesen tree services